Playing Your Game, Baby 05/2016

I can’t best Stevenger’s Kelis pun, but I can borrow the title of a classic Barry White track to tell you what videogames I’ve been playing recently!

Dragon’s Crown, PS3 – a 2D scrolling beat em up with some RPG lite elements. Set in the classic dungeons and dragons mold, with lovely hand drawn sprites and ridiculous female proportions. I’m currently playing as an Amazon warrior, despite being tempted by two of the Sorceress’s assets.

Ikki Tousen Eloquent First, PSP – Another scrolling beat em up with tits, this time based on a schoolgirl-centric anime. Simple and fun gameplay with the opportunity for big combos and ‘costume damage’ to you and your foes.

Everybody’s Golf, PSP – been playing this for months now but it’s still getting regular play in bite size chunks. Even managed a rare two player match after the retro game championship, but a dead battery on the 18th hole meant there was no winner!

Tetris, Gameboy – toilet time gaming. Anything less than 100 lines is a failure!


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  1. stevenger says:

    That Dragon’s Crown Amazon looks like she’s a half-centaur. You don’t see many of those around!


  2. acidbearboy says:

    I named her Thunder, in honour of her thighs.

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