What Is Best In Life #11

Let freedoom ring with a shot gun blast!

Thank you Machine Head, I couldn’t have put it better myself.  Despite the silly play on the word freedom, this post in my opinion is mostly definitely “What Is Best In Life” in regards to the first person shooter genre

Now i would say i am a seasoned gamer.  Not particularly great at games but i dont suck.  I have played many a FPS in my time and was lucky enough to be there relatively near the beginning where it all kicked off.  Yes, im talking about Spear of Destiny, Wolfenstein 3D and of course “THE” game that matters Doom.  Doom matters in the context of video games because it really launched the FPS genre onto nearly ever PC around at the time.  Looking back now it maybe hard to see what all the fuss is about.  Games like Call of Duty and Battlefield have taken the FPS genre into a whole new level.  Realistic visuals, voice acting and a whole raft of amazing gaming modes single player and online.  But with all this realism i still find there is something unsatisfying about taking down enemies that have been blasting the hell out of you through the course of the level.  Yes the MP5 in COD looks good and sounds realistic enough.  Sure the shotgun sounds good in Battlefield, but still, there is something better….think back think back…

Dusting off my copy of Doom, i began a new game.  Although visually and mechanical Doom is very basic, it was still fun to play.  Nice and relaxing, no squinting to see if that is an enemy hiding with camo.  No needing to continuously reload my weapon.  Just pure gunning for the fun of it.  But what brings me to this post’s point is this.

Out of all the FPS games ive played through the years there is one game, one of the first games that has got a weapon sounding so satisfyingly good, once heard you’ll never forget it.  Yes its the shotgun in Doom.  Running around in Doom with the shotgun is an experience like no other.  Unloading shell after shell into them annoying Imps, Cacodemons and zombie marines is so satisfyingly good, i haven’t come across a better sounding gun yet.  Sneaking around a map, hearing the grunts and crys of the nearby enemies, turn a corner and seeing an enemy jump out in front of you…yes the sheer excitement as you unload the Doom shotgun to the face of your enemy will always make you grin with gaming satisfaction.  Well done ID Software.  Lets hope its in the list of weapons for the up and coming Doom 4


So for me, playing a FPS, What Is Best In Life, is the sound effect the Doom shotgun makes as it obliterates your enemy into a gory mess, leaving your path free to move on.  Happy gaming!


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