With talks of upgraded hardware halfway through the console cycle it begs the question… What do I think?

The rumours if true suggest that the two big boys are going to boost the current consoles umph but why? In the age of yearly mobile phone upgrades and the youth demanding instant information,  can we be suprised?  Or am I being too hasty, I always assumed SONY WAS upgrading the ps4 because of VR and then the press jumped to the conclusion that Microsoft, would follow suit.

I think with all the talk surrounding the ps4 neo there must be something in it and I’m sure I have read a few developers leaked instructions on keeping parity across the two SONY systems.  The only hints I’ve seen on the Microsoft side of the fence is a reworked wifi module, this to me points towards a slimmed down version of the xbox-one. Also big Phil has made his opinions vaguely clear on upgrades.. Right..  However today I read about a Microsoft project called code name Scorpio with 5x the power of the xbox-one.  I’m taking this with a huge pinch of salt, it doesn’t make sense price/power wise. Think about the price of the ps4 and xbox-one on release!

I can understand the VR upgrade but can’t understand the mid cycle upgrade. The Ps4 is selling unbelievably well and the xbox-one is still selling extremely well, why do they need to push new hardware? The ‘console wars’ have always been around but this gen has been a pissing contest which I’ve not really seen before. Il go back to my first thought, it’s to do with this generation of gamers.

So to sum up I think it’s a bad idea to set a precedent of upgrading halfway through a cycle, it’s bad for consumers, I’m not laying down more cash for another console this early. Also once the upgraded consoles surpasses the oldest model what’s stopping developers not making games for the old dog?

I don’t think Microsoft will do it (I could eat my hat) but SONY however look set to unfortunately.

One other point to think about is Nintendo, they were already lagging hardware wise with the wii u against the ps3 and 360.  Can you see their new console matching this gen let alone an upgraded version?

What do you guys think, or do you even care?


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  1. stevenger says:

    All I’ve heard is a recent nth-hand passing mention of a slimmed-down Xbox One on the way, which would be par for the course. MS did try pushing the Kinect-as-upgrade well into the last generation, so it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that they’d move to avert being outflanked by phones/Google Glass/Sony Neoaxis.

    Anyhow, you don’t need me to tell you that all talk of console upgrades be they new models or new required peripherals inevitably ends up as a rehash of the mistakes of the 32X and Mega-CD! Looking forward to what the others have to say.

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    1. Da22 says:

      Yeah I agree with Sega reference, I think this mid term upgrade would be pandering to the hardcore which is no doubt the minority…

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