What Is Best In Life #13: Immortals

I was humming Alice In Chains (you’ve noticed how many posts begin with me humming, yes?) and it reminded me of a thing.

We are condemned to be free in an uncertain, subjective, everything-is-relative world yet we can hold these (few) truths to be self evident. Both you dear reader and I may be mortal, but there are those greater than us who needs must live on, because that is their rasion d’etre – their fictive imperative.

An incomplete list:

  • Tiny Tim (who did NOT die)
  • Jules Winfield (ditto)
  • Batman and Robin (see above)
  • The Rooster (ya know he ain’t gonna die)
  • Oh alright, Jesus (who is The Christ)

I heard an interview on the radio decades ago where Jerry Cantrell discussed how and why he wrote Rooster about his father and his experiences in Vietnam. Interesting stuff. Didn’t realise it’d been released as a single complete with video either.

I have a strong belief in the power of narrative. Stories bigger than any of us is best in life!

To live is to die


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