Consumer addiction


Partly like drunk purchasing I find myself getting giddy at the thought of new technologies and have an urge to splurge on said items. It starts off as a ‘that looks great’ which develops to self justification, next is the research stage and finally a purchase….. A couple of days later the purchase is not shiney enough anymore and the cycle continues.

Now I’m not buying lots items but I’m not buying stuff I need,  the trappings of modern life I suppose. I put this down to being plus thirty and having kids, I’m not out every weekend and I need to fill thay void with something…. Right?

Prime example is my xbox, it was a day one purchase, did I need it.. No.. Could it have waited.. most definitely but it was super shiney and new, I got carried away! E3 has just passed and the new xbox slim has been announced, the above cycle of self justification started.  I mean the thing is beautiful and so sleek and small, I must have it,  oh and it’s a hdr blu ray player for all those… No wait, I have no hdr films nor TV for that matter.. And I’m moving house.

Xbox One Slim Leak 2

BUT look at it, I must have it! 

Is it just me or does anyone else have this internal struggle between WANT and actually NEED?


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  1. acidbearboy says:

    Never mind new consoles – I think twice about spending a tenner on a new cd! The only time I buck this trend is if something is particularly cheap compared to going rates, or if it’s just plain old cheap, like 50p dvds from the charity shop that I probably won’t watch.


  2. stevenger says:

    I fall (leap willingly?) into that trap of denial/reward. “Since I’ve drooled over this particular unnecessary thing for so long I should buy myself it for not doing so sooner”. Shameful behaviour! Good job that 90% of stuff I crave is cheap secondhand nostalgia-tat off Amazon in average condition, haha!

    You’ve reminded me I totally forgot to write up a review of that cool calculator I *really wanted* and have barely touched since getting. Maybe I’ll do that this coming week. (There’s another trap, “I’m not buying this for myself, I’m getting it so I can review it on the blog”)

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    1. Da22 says:

      Now that’s a great excuse 👍


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