Limbo – a review

So I confess I’m really late to the party on this one. However a rare spare few hours of free time and some excellent xbox-one backwards compatibility later and I’m on course for an interesting journey.

2d games are my jam and I’m quite partial to a puzzle platformer so along with all the rave reviews (admittedly historic) I was quite looking forward to my evening.

The opening titles are very atmospheric along with the opening scene. No explanation to what the Jeff is going on but that’s not a bad thing for now (il come back to this later). The game always looked pretty to me in screen shots but in all it fluid motion it’s like black gold for your eyes. It’s simple and yet very detailed where it needs to be, the use of shadow and light are perfect.


The first foe you encounter is a giant spider who quickly becomes the main protagonist, now I’m not the greatest fan of arachnids and this didn’t help their case. The puzzle to get past it was pretty straight forward once I was speared a few times and this set the tone. If you fail the puzzle you’ll get brutally murdered in more than a few ways but don’t fear infinite lives are here to help.

A nice feature I maybe miss used is the chapter loading menu, this gave me a nice indication of progress. Maybe about halfway through you meet a girl which runs off, you are left to guess who she is etc. You also meet some more people who try to kill you but these are easily overcome using the environment. I also liked the weird brain slug creatures too, added a nice puzzle element, the whole game reminded me of ‘another world’


The puzzles do become harder and there are a fair few achievements and secrets I’m sure to have missed so there is replay value. It’s definitely not a hard game and I only looked up a couple of puzzles due to time constraints.

All said and done I enjoyed the game and would recommend playing it… Can you sense the.. ‘but’  rearing it’s condensing head? Back to my opening paragraph then, progressing through the game there are no explanations at all of the plot, it’s quite frustrating as a few hints to what was going on would only enhance the experience. It smacks of being a bit ‘hipster’ for want of a better word. Maybe if I played it on release the effect would be different, I’m not sure it would but maybe.

The game however has many plus points and only the one negative so it’s very easy to recommend, il have to introduce myself to their new adventure very soon.

Anyone else played this? 


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  1. acidbearboy says:

    Played it fairly close to release I think. Really enjoyed it at the time. Great graphics and sound. Clever puzzles but nothing too tricky. Don’t remember the plot and having quickly read up on it, I can’t remember it even being in the game itself? I do remember the end of the game coming out of nowhere and leaving a lasting impression on me though.


  2. Da22 says:

    Spoilers – yeah the end was awesome and I thought it was going to just loop the game, would have been better 👍


  3. acidbearboy says:

    Plenty of theories online – with a good article on kotaku – I think I agree with the one about them both being dead and the boy’s journey is entirely in limbo. He breaks out at the end only to find his sister dead too. Can’t think of too many other oblique videogames that get you thinking like this one. That really elevates it from good to great in my opinion.


  4. Da22 says:

    I can kind of see it but I just think they had a meeting one day and said “nope can’t think of a narrative, f*ck it let’s not put one in”. Still a cool game all the same. Art is subjective after all.


    1. acidbearboy says:

      A good interview with the developers here, with the ambiguity covered on page 3 (no boobies).


  5. Da22 says:

    As I thought, cool hipsters hating on most things. Again the game is good just lazy on that one part.


  6. Matt says:

    I really loved it, and you explained why it is such a great game. Great job.

    Curiously, and coincidentally, I just rewrote my old Limbo review a few days ago, so I will also make a post about it relatively soon.


    1. Da22 says:

      Good stuff, il take a peek once it’s up, keep me in the loop

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