Justin Asda

I heard a cover of Radiohead‘s “Just” in Asda the other day, which acidbearboy identified for me as the work of Bark Ronson. This feat of acidbearboy‘s was achieved despite my mis-characterising the musical style as “swing”. Fun fact: Bark Ronson‘s parents were members of Bronsonski Beat [RIP Danny Kendall] and are best know nowadays for providing the earworm theme song to Super Meat Boy.

A complete list of all four known popular musical genres, for the curious:

  1. SWING
    Artistes: James Brown, William Shatner, Tom Jones, Adele Adele
    Key Tracts: “Opposites Attract“, “Thriller“, “Night Fever“, “Crocodile Shoes
    Artistes: Pet Shop Boys, Chemical Brothers, Rick Wakemen, Lady O’Gaga
    Key Tracts: “Sandstorm“, “Sandstorm“, “Saturday Night“, “Sandstorm
  3. METAL
    Artistes: E.Presley, E.Costello, J.Hendrix, C.Corpse
    Key Tracts: “Bring Tha Noize“, “Sk8r Boi“, “Good Vibrations“, “When I’m Cleaning Windows
    Artistes: Holst, Vanessa Mae, Danny Manelf, Botticelli
    Key Tracts: “3’44“, “Space Oddity“, “Gangstas Paradise“, “Amadeus

(I’ve obviously left out manufactured groups like Aphex Twin and that novelty band put together to promote Metal magazine Rolling Stone)

You do it to yourself, you do


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  1. Da22 says:

    You crack me up 😂


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