SDTOTD #3: Men With/out Hats

I left the house in a flat cap today for the first time ever. I wouldn’t say I felt self-conscious, no, that would be understating it. I felt a fraud. Flat caps are the property of trendies and Northerners. I am neither.

Two trendies and a Northerner ready for a night on the town.

It got me thinking about how the cosplay season is nearly upon us, when men and boys head off to weekly conventions dressed up as their favourite athletes. And the performative nature of dressing within a subculture or merely to be at slightly on-trend. And how my apparent ability to successfully match a range of grotty neutral colours together is entirely down to Glenn Close.

SDTOTD #3: All clothing is costume and the more so the less obvious it is.

[Hey, it’s “sober” drunk thought of the day, not “profound”!]

Beep beep!


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  1. Da22 says:

    Love the picture, I miss the old skool summer wine gang, so hip hop! The cap is a good look on you sire!

    Liked by 1 person

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