Metroid 2 Remake

This fan remake of the Game Boy original is released today at 21:00. I’d recommend grabbing it quickly incase Nintendo have it taken down. I’m hoping it follows the trend of all the previous 2D Metroid titles I’ve played and enjoyed. Here’s the blurb:

Project AM2R aims to recreate Metroid 2 with updated graphics and gameplay. Taking elements from newer Metroid titles: the fast paced gameplay of Metroid: Zero Mission, the atmosphere and solitude of Super Metroid, and adding new game mechanics, AM2R is one of the most ambitious Metroid fan games.


  • Metroid Zero Mission style gameplay
  • Map system
  • Updated enemy AI
  • Minibosses
  • New areas
  • Challenging Metroid fights
  • Stackable beam system
  • Completely redrawn enemy and Metroid sprites
  • Log system with non-intrusive narrative
  • High quality soundtrack


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Da22 says:

    Taken down!


    1. stevenger says:

      I was quicker than you, but did my classic Metroid thing of playing until the physics(?) got too annoying and quitting. God, I hate the inconsistency of the platform grabs. Not as much as I hated Super Metroid’s walljumps though. Think I’ve got a massive blind spot here :-/


      1. Da22 says:

        Or are you using the xbox 360 dpad?


      2. stevenger says:

        Aha, good point! Yes, and d’oh!


  2. acidbearboy says:

    Somebody bumped my topic from March 2008(!) to say that this looked good. Seems harsh for Nintendo to let him work on it for over 8 years and then have it removed. Not had chance to play yet but I’ve read a lot of positive feedback from Metroid fans.


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