The 4th utility service!

Like the AA breakdown service claiming to be the 4th emergency service I’d like to proclaim the Internets (as the cool kids call it) as the next most important utility after gas, electric and water.

Ive recently moved (hence the gap in my blogging schedule) and have spent alot of time changing my address and ordering services. I personally chose to stick with VirginMedia for my TV, phone and Internet usage. I still think they provide the most value for money when all things are added up (my usage habits of course). So before the move I notified them of my new abode and they went through the usual conversations etc.

Then it was time for their up sell which back fired on them a tad. They offered me 100mbps broadband on top of what I already have but on a new 12 month contract. I mentioned I currently have a loyalty discount and they honoured this which meant I’m pay around £10 less but getting 50mbps more and a new router. All good stuff huh!

Well it was on the face things swimmingly fantastic however once moved in and an engineer visit later things were not that rosey!

First things first, the engineer was a really nice chap and did the upmost to keep things tidy, no complaints at all there! The broadband speed on the other hand was less than impressive, 6 – 20mbps! Shocking, well it is for this day and age, turn back 10 years and I’d have been ecstatic, spring back a bit further and I’d have called you a lier for having such speeds!

So I plugged my phone in and gave them a call (after trying the old IT shuffle), the engineer on the phone was nice enough. He reset my profile and bang 100mbps, all happy again, woohoo, tech God’s be praised, thank the maker!

30 minutes later however and back down to 20mbps…..I decided to leave it over night.

Next evening I rang again but this time went through  to ‘adding a service’ team. Again a jolly nice chap on the phone,he looked up the account, saw the support call and then proceeded to let me know that they should have not have upgraded me due to a fault in the area.

The fault being too many people on one cable!

I went through the motions about dropping back to the slower speeds but he advised me it would be more expensive to do so but he could offer me a further discount of £10 a month until it’s fixed (proposed date being mid November). No brained and a fully satisfied comprise, all in I’m currently paying £21 a month which is amazing consering line rental alone is £17.99.I can definitely live with slower Internets for that price.

Having slow broadband does suck but its not the end of the world as at least I have it. I couldn’t imagine now living in a house without it and has firmly become a staple of my Lifestyle. Before we completed on the move I checked if I could get fibre optic service, this would have been a deal breaker! Not sure I can think of another relatively new service that would affect my decision on well.. such a big decision as buying a house.

First World problems indeed!

P. S. This is also case in point to never settle if it’s not right, takes 10 minutes to pick up the phone and get what you pay for, or more in this case!


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  1. stevenger says:

    Dude, if you didn’t have too many Real World Responsibilities I’d knight you as my Personal Arse-Kicker (to kick mine, not other peoples’!) I’m paying a lot more than £21 for ~5mbps plus landline through lethargy/goodenough.


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