Pac-Land gameplay video (not me!)

I was trawling YouTube for some gameplay tips for Pac-Land to see what I could be doing better and it turns out just about everything. Check the video above. I didn’t even know there were secret items hidden in hydrants and cactii. Digging that fine chapeau, Pac-Man!

While I mention it, this in-game tune is up there with New Zealand Story and Johnny Remember Me for lifelong earworms. Don’t judge me!

What night-rule now about this haunted grove?


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  1. acidbearboy says:

    This looks barely more fun than Pac and Pal. What were they doing? I guess that’s the trouble when you nail it with the original!

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  2. Da22 says:

    Was thinking the same thing, cash cow genre switch. Looks like it’s been created in Ms paint, awful although pac man’s animation was quite nice..


    1. stevenger says:

      It’s got nice parallax scrolling too. Shame the scenery gfx are so iffy.

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      1. acidbearboy says:

        I don’t mind the really simple background graphics, it’s the character designs that I dislike.


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