SDTOTD #4: Bark, Strangeness and Palm

Out walking yesterday morning I found myself ducking under the tree branches overhanging the public footpath. “Why don’t the council do something about this? They could have someone’s eye out!” thought I in my typical grumpy Points Of View/Daily Mail Letter Writer inner voice.

A happy notion struck me then: “What if the trees aren’t overgrown at all? What if they’re just reaching down to give me a high-five?”

It was early enough that there was a lot of car traffic going by, although all of it was coming from behind me. No-one could identify my face (only my distinctive silhouette, clothes and gait).

Grinning, I reached up and high-fived the trees back.

To have been found out would’ve been a disgrace


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  1. Da22 says:

    Most excellent, wild stallions! Il be partaking in tree high fivery!

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