Sonos play 1 – review


Before I moved I decided to treat myself to a new toy or toys I should say. I managed to find an online shop that were still selling the Sonos starter pack at a reasonable price.

For those not in the know Sonos make wireless multi room audio equipment. Basically it’s a fancy speaker that can be instantly link together to play in multiple rooms or alternatively separate to play different music in… you got it, in different rooms.

I’m not going to cover every aspect of the device and app because there are tons of reviews out there however il go over what I think you should know.

Sound quality is amazing for the size of the device, it’s roughly the dimensions of an old skool pub pint glass. It’s 2 way and both speakers are powered by their own amp giving it alot of punch with surprisingly low bass. The volume will also go louder than your neighbours would want you to have it especially if you live in a terrace or give two flying f*cks about anyone else.


Build quality again is superb, it’s heavy and a secure unit. The play 1 is also moisture proof so it can go in your kitchen or sit somewhere sensible in your bathroom.

Functionality of the device is also good, you can pair two speakers to make them play stereo sound. As mentioned they are wireless however they do have a network port, this can plug into the router or can be used as a bridge for another device. So connect your Sonos to the wireless and then use the network port for your Pc!

The application that controls the device is the most important part of the puzzle and it’s very polished. It’s available across most platforms and best of all its pretty much identical on each device, which is great!  From the app you set up each speaker which is very simple and then you set up your streaming service or music library (PC, ipod etc)


You assign each speaker to a room or join them as a stereo pair and this can be altered at any time if you change your mind. While playing your music you can then group your rooms and play the same music or un group them and play separate music all seamlessly at the touch of a few buttons. It’s pretty powerful stuff and all very easy to do. Also the actual speakers are the brain so you can close the app or power up another device to control the music. I tend to use Spotify with them and it’s makes the service even better, this would go for the myriad of other services it supports too.

The only downsides I have found is you can’t use them to stream music from your TV unless they are connected to the Sonos Play Bar. This would have been the icing on the cake, maybe in the future they will bring out an optical wifi transmitter or something similar. The second thing is the price as it’s quite high and will put people off the wonderful world of Sonos. It was a lucrative treat for me and I wouldn’t take them back, it’s money well spent in my opinion but it shouldn’t be kept as a exclusive experience.

Overall a great system with a great app that let’s you expand in the future, their other products look great too and are interchangeable although a bit on the steep side.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. stevenger says:

    Sounds tres fancy dude! Can’t wait to introduce your neighbours to Nasty Nineties Gabba Classixxx on it 😉


    1. Da22 says:

      As long as it’s not a punch in the d*ck we are golden 😂👍


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