The Fascination Movement

Four tracks of excellent Synth Pop in a New Order style. This is their debut EP from 2008 that I recently rediscovered whilst organising my mp3 library (I’m up to the ‘The’ section in the alphabet now). Sadly, the rest of their output doesn’t seem as good, but it is all available for free on Bandcamp so do dabble if you like what you hear.


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  1. stevenger says:

    Sorry for not commenting sooner, but I wanted to give this a proper listen first since the description sounded up my street (it didn’t occur to me to mistrust your judgement/summary, ha!).

    Goes without saying that Radio inevitably lives in the shadow of Queen. I think e.g. Freezepop would have done that more … starkly? Good stuff though.

    Slightly poppier/softer-focussed than I’d expected, although I do like the female backing vocals in there. Def wouldn’t sound out of place alongside Marc Almond, New Order, Erasure or Human League on a compilation. I’ll have a poke at their other stuff on the off chance of something with either a harsher, crisper or colder edge to it too. Cheers for the heads up!


    1. stevenger says:

      On relistening while typing, I suspect myself of going actual mad. Are there even any female vox? 😮


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