Everyone Ignored The White Man In This Famous Photo. 48 Years Later, The Real Story Emerges


I followed this link from a friend’s facebook page and it’s a very interesting read. Seems the ‘unknown’ white man did just as much for equality as the two more famous black men did. Check out the full story here:



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  1. stevenger says:

    My first thought was “Is he the Aussie guy?” I’m definitely aware of him. I think the article is a bit breathless in describing his part as completely unknown and “uncovering the story”. Definitely worth reading/knowing more about and hats off to all three of them, frankly.


    1. acidbearboy says:

      I was aware of the protest, but knew very little of the details and consequences etc. so it was a very educational read for me.

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  2. Da22 says:

    Nice find, very inspirational person, hats off to him.


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