Games I’ll Never Play #2 – WoW

I will literally never play the 2004 MMORPG World of Warcraft not even if you sat me down at a keyboard and moused my hand up. I simply can’t. That’s because WoW falls into that vast category of games ephemeral twice over, by dint of being a) online multiplayer and b) frequently updated over its extended lifetime.

The famous Mrs General and her Winters Supplies shoppe

Jerry Holkins from Penny Arcade has been known to quote what he calls the Michael Buonauro Reverse Success Rule: “If you want to be a success in webcomics, start in 1998“. Similarly, the way to play World Of Warcraft is to begin somewhere in the mid-2000s. Maybe after those God-awful rollout scaling woes that people forget about, but were fulminating forum gripe-grist at the time.

The game as she is played

The game at launch or at its peak (whenever one might judge that to be) is simply inaccessible to us now. I don’t think any retro-gamer who values the ability to try or revisit classic games hasn’t wondered/worried about what the answer is to this problem. Ask me about Guild Wars, just ask me.

Kiiiiillroooooy Stooooonekiiiiin!


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  1. Matt says:

    I remember that when it came out I was curious to give it a shot, but I thought for sure I would become addicted to it so I never tried it.

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  2. Da22 says:

    Problem with Wow for me is that I played Guild Wars which was epic and just open world enough for my liking. Wow always felt too bug and time consuming for me to actively participate in. I’m the retro point, it will never be retro unless you can revert all the updates back to the original, warts and all! Problem with online gaming!

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