Don’t Once To Stay Alive, Ten You’re Twenty-Five

Pearl Jam‘s seminal grunge album Ten turns twenty-five today. Retrolechuck is our residential rockumentary (and anniversary) expert here at VGR, but he’d agree that you cannot do better than watching the excellent PJ20 documentary released five years ago, via your medium of choice.

That said, the Theory For Turntables podcast which I’ve previously reviewed has just done their episode on Ten and it’s a really good listen. For a sense of what’s discussed see this companion blog post, although they have a lot more to say about the album generally and singles Jeremy and Alive in particular.

Maybe someday another child won’t feel as alone as she does


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  1. Matt says:

    Coincidentally, I was listening to, and reviewing, this record this week. I did not stop to think it was turning 25.

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  2. Da22 says:

    It’s scary how old these albums ar getting, or rather the rate of which we deteriorate. Ten us a definite desert island album!

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  3. retrolechuck says:

    Just an absolute classic album, it never fails to surprise me with how fresh it sounds still today. Love the post Stevenger and the Anniversary expert tears 🙂

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