Made In Japan – Imports Part One

For some time now ive been meaning to add some Japanese import games to my Nintendo collection.  Seeing an imported Nintendo game was a thing of rarity growing up for me in the 90s but once i set eyes on a Super Famicom game from my local shop, i was amazed with how detailed the box art was.  Not only was the box art created with great care, vibrant colours and of course beautiful Japanese fonts but the hole package just stood out in comparison to the European and American counterparts.

Detail , detail detail is seemingly always at the forefront of the production teams mind.  The game box holds a single plastic tray and the manual is a perfect size to fit on your shelf without looking like an eye saw amongst your other games or books.  A cartridge size hole is cut into the plastic moulded tray to keep the cartridge neatly in place.  This hole also doubles up to fit the neatly constructed manual and safety leaflet in place.  There is no more of that “jamming” your manual into the box and bending the whole darn thing.


With the games i have purchased so far I’ve noticed the presentation and design given to the Super Famicom game instruction manuals is mind blowing.  As i mentioned above, they are a neatly constructed booklet but the attention to detail is always second to none.  I mean just to see more drawings of Mario or Street Fighter characters when i was younger would have blown me away but yet this content is in full abundance within their manuals.


So without further ado here are some of the games i have purchased recently, enjoy!


Super Mario All Star, Super Mario Bros.2 is japan is referred to as Super Mario Bros. USA

IMAG0112Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels is actually Super Mario Bros.2 in Japan

map1Instruction manual side A

map2Instruction manual  side B

IMAG0117Famicom Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros game cartridges

IMAG0118Street Fighter II Series for the Super FamicomIMAG0119

More box art coming in part 2 with the Final Fantasy Series, Super Mario Bros.4 and more


2 Comments Add yours

  1. stevenger says:

    Double liked! No arguments here dude, these are gorgeous! That F-Zero comic art!

    I do sometimes get frustrated when you and acidbearboy post about some of these gloriously packaged-Japanese games. I lost my original Speccy collection about 20 years ago now and to be honest a lot of them were straightforward cassette cases, sometimes double-sized. The later full-price games like Batman: The Movie, St. Dragon or Night Shift came in small boxes. But in the early days, maybe even up through ’87-’88, there were so many interesting and creative attempts at packaging games to make them more appealing. I had one second-hand game from the early-mid-’80s which came in a DVD-style case. Puffy, airfilled, oversized cassette cases were a thing at one point. Inserts like maps, novellas and posters. Lords Of Midnight and Doomdark’s Revenge had keyboard overlays, literally a piece of white cardboard to put over your rubber-keyed friend with a label for what all the keys did in the game.

    You know all this already, and I know you know. Guess I’m just annoyed that I can’t snap some other cool, weird stuff to share.

    Def do love the post and look forward to part two. Keep ’em coming!


  2. Da22 says:

    Big box amiga games for the win, free posters, tshirts, yes please!

    Liked by 1 person

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