All Aboard! The Country Bus

So apparently Slow TV is A Thing. I happened across this programme on BBC4 the other night and having read a bit about it earlier left it on. Recorded using a bus rigged up with more cameras than Google‘s WiFi-Hacking StreetView cars, the two-hour programme shows a quiet bus journey through the Yorkshire Dales. Very appealing looking, with no voiceover but some occasional onscreen graphics fading into view as places of interest are reached. Like a fancier version of those YouTube videos where a trainspotter has stuck a camera up against the window.

My only real gripes are these:

  1. There were too many internal shots of the bus (I would rather have seen fewer or none).
  2. Whoever cranked the colour to make everything look lush and attractive did the scenery a disservice. When actual green fields and foliage came into view the  whole thing looked garish, like someone’s Instagram gone wild.

Still available on iPlayer for most of the month, why not give it a look/stick it on in the background (provided you’ve paid your £145.50!)

Look out, Cliff!


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  1. Da22 says:

    Dude this sounds the most bizarre thing ever, good use of my TV license aye! Rather watch F1 abeit a similar concept 😂

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