SDTOTD #6: ‘Ow chuffed? Spell-chuffed!

Earlier today I had cause to reference the notional, self-awarded badge one is accused of wearing when one is “chuffed”. Per Online Etymology Dictionary:

“pleased, happy,” c. 1860, British dialect, from obsolete chuff “swollen with fat” (1520s).

Because I was typing not talking I found myself caught trying to figure out, how DO you spell “chuffedy badge” anyway?

Three possibilities:

  1. The way I chose, by appending a Y, i.e. “chuffedy”. This is almost certainly wrong, in that it’s not exactly formal, but it fastidiously attempts following the rules of English in a manner the expression itself doesn’t. Plus, it’s too long and sounds like it involves trains.
  2. A quick search online suggests the most popular way is with an unvoiced T sound: “chufty” or less commonly “chuffty”. This makes sense. It’s a slang term and the shift from D to T in spoken usage is observable.
  3. It  occurs to me that one could model the spelling on words like “mufti” and “lurgi”, i.e. “chufti”. There is no evidence or reason to do so. Naturally, this spelling tickles me no end.

How do YOU spell chufti-badge? And do you use a hypen?

The world’s most smug bird is the chuffinch


3 Comments Add yours

  1. acidbearboy says:

    Awarded myself one as I spell it “Chufty”.

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  2. Da22 says:

    What it must be like in that head of yours… Rainbows and unicorns! Chufty here too!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. stevenger says:

    My preferred spelling is classic hypercorrection. Have added to the tags accordingly, ha!


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