Ridge Racer 5

Here’s a nice little retrospective by Digital Foundry focusing mostly on Ridge Racer V, a game which I never played on release as I was a latecomer to the PS2. I’ve seen plenty of love for the game online in the years since its release but the couple of times I’ve tried it myself  as a retro title (once with the badly ported PAL version and again with the original JP version) I never really got into it. Not sure why exactly, I think probably due to it playing differently to Ridge Racer Type 4, which was the only other game in the series I had put a lot of time into (R4 is a personal favourite of the PSX era). The soundtrack, whilst containing some good tracks, was also inferior in my opinion. Regardless, the video highlights some of the great art design and graphical effects that Namco managed to pull out of the bag way back in 1999 for the PS2 launch. I particularly liked the colour of the skies and the clean lines of the city buildings. Sadly, the footage of R4 that also appears in the video looks a lot rougher than I remember. It was a beautiful game at the time, but I think that Ridge Racers on the PSP has spoiled me with its great graphics running on that lovely little screen.


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  1. Da22 says:

    I do miss an arcade racer, something lacking on today’s consoles. My PSX came with Ridge racer revolution and I played the nuts off of it! I remember beating the black car with a sh*ty steering wheel which was and still is a gaming highlight of mine!


  2. stevenger says:

    Never played RR4 or 5. Remember them getting the hard push though, definitely seen those intros prob on coverdisc. Messed around a bit with the boxy Rage Racer demo on PS1, but it was no Destruction Derby 2!


    1. Da22 says:

      Rage racer was excellent, I think it was my first experience of upgrading cars for speed (no weapons here) and then of course gran tourism came along. Destruction Derby was also great, watched a nice video about it last week, will post it up.

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      1. acidbearboy says:

        I missed all the early Ridge Racer games cos I didn’t get a ps1 until Xmas 97 (FFVII) so r4 was my first in 99. Think I played the arcade original in the arcade but I was rubbish at it! Never really played destruction derby either.

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      2. Da22 says:

        Those early days were mind blowing, we sold our Sega Saturn as soon as we could. WipEout, ridge-racer, Destruction Derby were all stand out games! I remember the bowl stage lovingly, put a lot of hours in. First game I remember with damage. Probably handles like crap now but worth a look.


      3. stevenger says:

        Snap, acidbear-dude! Got on the PS1 train about the same time, after being away from gaming/just playing early MegaDrive. I bought a couple of months worth of Official PS mag, so I’d have some demos to play, asked me Mum to get me the best-sounding game from the reviews for Christmas (FFVII, natch) and that was my relaunch as a Player Character 😀 Missed all the early stuff, expect as Platinum or bargain bin scores.


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