The story of Psygnosis


I watch a fair few videos online, some about films, some about the overweight youth falling into swimming pools but the majority of my time is spent on video games. I rarely get much time to play so keeping up with the Joneses (‘s) by viewing videos is an adequate alternative.

I only subscribe to two independents on my you tube account one being the excellent Cinemasscre and the other Kim Justice.

Alot of folks get caught up on the man, the myth, the lady and the legend but I just focus on what counts, good research great delivery and captivating story telling.

I implore you to watch some of his work, the last one I did was very good indeed:

Kim Justice – the story of Psygnosi


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  1. stevenger says:

    Over an hour? OMG, I’ll have to change my plans to fit it in! Do love Psygnosis and the work they did, wish they’d lasted further into the post-PlayStation Consoles-Uber-Alles era.

    Re-reading this reminded me that I watched a good bit of early BioShock Infinite gameplay, in part because I’d heard so many postivie, non-specific things about it. There’s definitely value in watching both “amateur” everyman play and high-level competitive play online (plus there’s the “here’s how to do that thing that you keep flubbing”, but that’s a whole other category!)

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    1. Da22 says:

      Yeah buddy these vids are proper serious historic lessons. They are acceptable in bite sized chunks too.


  2. stevenger says:

    OK, wow, where to start? Scattergun stuff incoming.

    Early on they mention David Jones working on Amiga sidescroller Blood Money(?). If that’s either Bowie David Jones or David Jones the author of the Magic Knight games I will kill myself. What a waste. (It’s a popular name, hold fire Stevenger!)

    Hadn’t clicked *at all* about their connections with 8-bit heroes Imagine nor the DMA Design link.. to say nothing of the latter PS1 company connections. Seeing all of their games sequentially really reinforces that many of their 16-bit games were all about the graphics though. Like Ocean however their name was absolutely a mark of quality.

    Love the reminder of the PS1 Demo Disc walking T-rex!

    Cannot fail to note Hired Guns Cheule Siygess @ 29:50 represent. Oh yeah!

    That Brian The Lion game looks like Ulillillia’s Platform Masters. Such excessive parallax!

    I like that he holds fire on the swearing generally (although he does more toward the end). Does make it all the funnier/impactful when he declares :”Last Action Hero is of course completely different to every other version of the game, yet they’re all magically just as sh*t as each other!”. Couldn’t stop laughing at that!

    Forgot to even take notes during the PS1 stuff, I forgot just how many Psygnosis published of my favourite games. Colony Wars and WipeOut 2097 obvs, F1 ’97 correctly identified as the greatest F1 game to date, even as Murray Walker SHOUTS AT YOU and trees pop-up almost in the foreground. So good. Quality publisher, quality developer.

    Excellent, informative one-man documentary. Will check his other stuff out (saw Imagine mentioned on the “you may also…”)

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    1. Da22 says:

      So informative and interesting, like I say his delivery makes it for me, very British story telling. Glad you liked it.

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    2. Da22 says:

      A couple I have watched:

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      1. stevenger says:

        I’ll set aside some time for that Amstrad one first. I guarantee it will make me lol, rage and nostalge in equal parts. Cheers!


      2. Da22 says:

        It’s quite complimentary to the system and not the man, which is the correct mix!


  3. stevenger says:



  4. stevenger says:

    As a follow-up which might not warrant a post, Boing Boing put up a neat little Psygnosis game cover generator. You can tweak the URL parameters to get different effects, or just reload to get random/generic ones.

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