Track Listing #2

I had an epic punning title for these, but forgot it before I got to a technology whereby I could record it (pen/phone). Gah! Look to your tags for the warning. Well, updating. Maybe.

In any regard, for mostly Retrolechuck‘s benefit and somewhat my own, here’s my contribution to the tracklisting from the most recent catchup. Mostly early/mid-’90s rock incoming.

  1. The American Way – Sacred Reich
  2. Hardwired To Self Destruct – Metallica
  3. Dog Day Sunrise – Head Of David (covered by Fear Factory)
  4. Intellectual Killer – Nasenbluten (samples Gravediggaz)
  5. Toxygene (7″ edit) – The Orb (samples Jean Michel Jarre)
  6. Ice Cream – New Young Pony Club (Apple ad?)
  7. Molly’s Lips – The Vaselines (covered by Nirvana)
  8. Turnaround – DEVO (covered by Nirvana)
  9. Love Buzz – Shocking Blue (covered by Nirvana)
  10. She Watch Channel Zero – Public Enemy (samples Slayer)
  11. Brand New You’re Retro – Tricky (samples Bad)
  12. Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun – Beastie Boys
  13. Dirtbag (Over-rated Grunge remix) – Brad Sucks
  14. American TV – Terrorvision (total Led Zeppelin riff)
  15. Can You See Me? – Soundgarden (Jimi Hendrix cover)
  16. Dopes To Infinity – Monster Magnet
  17. Sick Of Drugs – The Wildhearts
  18. Do I Need This? (Single Edit) – Apes, Pigs & Spacemen
  19. The Bomb – L7
  20. Opal Mantra – Therapy?
  21. River Runs Red – Life Of Agony
  22. Fear In The Western World – Ultravox

Yeah wow, super old, super mainstream. No Little Angels though, be grateful for small mercies.

And she’s the bomb!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Da22 says:

    The last few must have been remixes, lots of pauses during the tracks. Wasn’t really a fan of that broke up the rhythm too much…. 😂

    Il buy you some blanks discs of excellent quality to compliment the amount of time you put in 👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. stevenger says:

      Nah, I should just admit defeat and do Spotify/YouTube playlists (from their broad, yet still limited selections). Sigh!

      I do actually have a stash of nice CDs (with cases no less), but I’m like that guest in Fawlty Towers who doesn’t use her hearing aid ever for fear of running the battery down. Ask me what my inv looks like at the end of any given game, just ask me, haha!

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  2. acidbearboy says:

    I listened to the New Young Pony Club album off the back of this post. It’s alright, I suppose. A bit samey and she sings a bit off key but I think that’s probably because she’s too cool to sing in tune! Not sure about Ice Cream itself, but there were definitely better versions of Get Dancey and The Bomb released as singles. I’ll be digging out Toxygene next….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. stevenger says:

      I really am a sucker for that sort of half-spoken delivery esp. by a woman vocalist (there’s a fancy German word for it which I can’t Google up right now). Money by the Flying Lizards is an obvious reference point, but there’s a wonderfully-flat ’80s cover of Then He Kissed Me in the same style which I’ve lost the YouTube link to. Grr!


    1. stevenger says:

      Found that cover I was looking for, this one tickled me too. Stick with it!


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