Quark, Strangeness And Charm – Hawkwind

OK, so ever since my awesome punning SDTOTD (though I say it myself) I’ve have the dregs of this song kicking around the back of my mind and the last couple of days I feel proper earwormed. If you’re at all like me you know two (2) Hawkwind songs, “Silver Machine” and “Motorhead“. I’m talking to you now, make this your third! If you’re nothing like me and can suggest some other of the band’s best then do please go for it in the comments.

I believe I first heard it as a cover by the ’90s Finnish band Waltari who made exactly the sort of rock I felt I had to like grudgingly. Think Cathedral or White Blouse Era Ozzy. (Sorry Mr Osbourne, there are exactly two male-presenting gents in all of history who can carry off a nice blouse and both of them are Jimi Hendrix. True Fact!)

Whilst I’m rambling around off-topic I have to note that amazing almost-Numanoid cover art which is from Hawkwind‘s 1977 album of the same name. Right up acidbearboy and Retrolechuck‘s respective streets, I’m thinking.

I finally found another word with that awkward “wkw” letter sequence!


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  1. Da22 says:

    Only Silvermachine have I heard and I thought that was a play on Hawkins (Hawkwind) and his amazing wheelchair.. Shame on moi! On a side note the cover looks like an early hadron collided..?

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  2. acidbearboy says:

    I’m not keen on your Hawkwind selection – too jaunty /jangly for my tastes. Very different from Silver Machine, which I also know. That’s some pretty heavy psychedelic space rock business. My only other knowledge of Hawkwind is City of Lagoons from their 1976 LP. It’s a chilled out Synth heavy space funk instrumental. Really good and right up my street.

    Today I learnt that Lemmy was in Hawkwind.

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    1. stevenger says:

      I’ll check it out, cheers. You are trying to kill me with the Lemmy thing. They infamously needed a replacement bassist at a live gig, said something to their roadie like “Just make some noises in E” and a legend was born.


    2. stevenger says:

      Also, you must know Corduroy’s take on Motorhead!



      1. acidbearboy says:

        Funky good vibes! (I didn’t know it)


  3. grangousier says:

    Just wandering past at the right moment, but…

    I have more Hawkwind albums than a sane person ought (that is to say, far from all of them but a lot more than one), and although I like their early psych-thrash-squiggles-and-whooshing period and their less organic science fiction metal period (such as Warrior At the Edge of Time, which were the sessions the original version of Motorhead was recorded during and includes Michael Moorcock bellowing poetry), the Bob Calvert albums are my favourites. A lot sharper and songier and funnier (perhaps because the quality of the acid declined, or that of the speed improved, or just because that was how the unstable Mr Calvert rolled): Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music; QS&C (also check out Spirit of the Age); 25 Years On (billed to Hawklords because of some ridiculous legal dispute), which contains a number of fighty little songs, though I’d recommend 25 Years most; and PXR5 (which I know least of all, apart from the fact that it carries unsound wiring on the cover).

    But yes. Einstein was not a handsome fellow.

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