Beautiful blue planet


It had been a usual busy weekday at work and I’d sat down after consuming the evening meal. My eldest started to ask me about space and the planets in her often inquisitive way. So out came the trusty phone and YouTube app (what a wonderful time of technology we live in), a few taps later and we were indulging ourselves with videos of Venus and Saturn. There was however one video that stood out above all and that was of our very own beautiful blue orb of a planet, here it is:

Earth time lapse from the International Space Station


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  1. stevenger says:

    Some of those images are astounding and what gives me proper goosebumps is the fact that they’re real. There’s this wonderful union between the Earth-as-Object and the human ingenuity required to capture it like this. Great linkage!

    Can’t help but ask, how many planets did you tell your eldest are in the solar system? 😉


  2. Da22 says:

    8 but one got lost in your anus 😂

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