Jyradelix released their only album “Invincible” on both CD and Cassette in 1992 on the American label MYX Records. Several factors led me to purchase it blind from the charity shop:

  1. it appeared to be a Rave CD from 1992 I’d not encountered before
  2. the ugly early nineties cover art
  3. the tracks all had BPM’s listed between 129-140 on the sleeve
  4. the last track was called “Ol’ McRave”

I nearly left it on the shelf as I didn’t recognise any of the names in the credits, plus it was from the USA – not exactly known for its Rave music output. As is often the case these days, I read the sleevenotes before listening to the actual music. My expectations were lowered when I saw the following phrases plastered across the inner sleeve:


Fortunately, the music sounded distinctly nonreligious. There are very few lyrics and the vocals are all heavily distorted. Further internet research suggested that this was a side project for members of Christian Industrial / Metal bands Mortal and Fold Zandura – both of which also sounded nonreligious from my brief search.

The album is available on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon etc. There are a few tracks on youtube but not all of my favourites. Highlights include Out For Love with its driving beat and uplifting piano vibes. Friday (Bio Mix) with its Orbital-esque synths. Mysteria (Babylon Mix) and its funky breakbeats. The energy and intensity of Take My Life (“take my life, make it whole, help me out of the devil’s hold”). Then of course there’s Ol’ McRave which is a Rave version of Old MacDonald Had A Farm. It’s longer than it needs to be but strip out the cheesy bits and there’s a pretty nice track in there though!


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  1. stevenger says:

    Read this when it went up, but haven’t made time to listen until now. Filedropper links have gone the way of the fabled banana. Refuse to listen to the Old MacDonald on general principle, I can manage about 30 secs max of any given kiddie rave (Rainbow, Sesame’s Treet). Volume on Mysteria remix is super-low, but I’m liking it for what it is. Definitely need to do some googling on the Christian Industrial Metal sub-subgenre too, haha!


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