People = The Shit

I’m very much an all-or-nothing person which isn’t particularly positive a quality, but is nonetheless true. I’m pretty bad at new people. The part in The Hobbit where the Dwarves are introduced to Bilbo two-at-a-time resonates with me, since I’m essentially fine with groups where I already know 50%+ of the attendees, but tend to shrink like all violets otherwise.

The other day I went to a Meet-Up for a website I’ve been frequenting for years. The website’s generalist but US-centric so only a handful of people attended which in the nicest way was a bit of a plus. Membership skews a little bit older and a bit Lefter which meant despite not having previously actively interacted with the specific attendees online we were vaguely similar.  Don’t really think of myself as Left of much, but we all imagine ourselves natural centrists and avatars of common sense, n’est pas? Don’t think of myself as ancient either, but I’m used to being the (relative) old man of the group, so that wasn’t A Thing.

I’ve been to a few events, (I’m thinking esp. weddings and book groups) where I didn’t feel at all at home until the red wine kicked in. It was cool to meet some new people who I felt pretty comfortable with on new territory and I really enjoyed myself. Looking forward to any future similar dos.

Also want to throw out a quick mini-review of the venue. MEATliquor Brighton is well worth a visit if any of the VGR crew are ever in town, only ten mins shy of the train station max. Atmosphere is excellent. Burgers are tasty but a bit pricey and their ale selection comes in 330ml cans which pour perfectly into a child-size glass tankard. Also, it’s 50/50 whether you get a plate. On the other hand, service is good, the music (newer rocktastic stuff with some Foxy Lady and Gold [Gold!] included) plus sense of space is excellent. I could have done without the neon wall clown in my peripheral vision but what’cha gonna do? Reckon it’d be right up most of everyone here’s alleys.

They also have sites in Bristol, London and Singapore amongst other cities. I like to imagine that all franchises are harshly-overseen with regular wait staff required to obtain tattoos and blacker-than-black “PAPA GOT A BRAND NEW ROACH” tee-shirts regardless of their moral, religious or political objections. Worth checking out.

I woke the same as any other day you know I could have stayed in bed


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  1. Da22 says:

    Nice to see you dusting off the Docs and meeting new folks, burgers are a plus!

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