Still playing: Tetris

Back in my youth, when the original Game Boy and a copy of Tetris was current, it was all about how many lines you could get on game mode A (endless pieces until you reach the top). Anything over 100 was a decent attempt as far as I was concerned. Strangely enough, the game itself does not keep a record of how many lines you got once your turn ends; you’re just given a total score.

Game Boy Tetris is one of my all time favourite games. It avoids any unnecessary elements added to later versions, including the endless rotate and quick drop features.  I also love the feel of the chunky hardware in my hands and the d-pad and buttons. However, Tetris Party on the DS has a 3 minute mode which was very addictive, like Geometry Wars! But I have recently found a new way to enjoy the original Tetris in a non marathon fashion (although games tend to last longer than 3 minutes).

So I now play game mode B (clear 25 lines to win the stage). At first I was trying to work my way up to the clearing Level 9, High 5 – but it was difficult and often frustrating. Currently I am trying to best my own high scores on Level 9, High 0. The high speed of level 9 keeps it challenging, but the lack of any random blocks at the bottom of the screen removes the frustration. You get a score breakdown after you clear 25 lines – see screenshot below for an example and my current best.


I would imagine there is a ceiling to how many points you can score in this mode – seven Tetris’ would cover the 25 lines required, then as many drops as you can manage  on top of that I suppose. I’ll keep you updated with my progress!


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  1. Da22 says:

    Loved/love tetris, like you I only really played game A. Anything over 200 is decent 😉


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