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I’ve been listening to a lot of early House and Techno recently (roughly 1986-1992) and I am learning a lot about release dates, producer pseudonyms, artistic influences and samples whilst tagging mp3s – mostly just from Discogs, but the Techno page on Wikipedia was also a good read.

Vamp by Outlander, originally released in 1991, has always been a favourite of mine, particularly the percussive loop which starts at 2:00.

Well this week I found the source of that loop – a pretty average house/breaks track by Todd Terry called Back To The Beat from 1988.

That same Todd Terry loop was also sampled (and replayed a lot faster) by Moby in his remix of Make It Mine by The Shamen in 1991.

Thanks to, I also found the source of the source – Reese & Santonio’s incredibly minimal The Sound. Not much of a tune admittedly, but there’s a distinctly tribal vibe to it. I bet it blew some minds way back in 1987.



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  1. stevenger says:

    Yeah, no, this is great stuff! I really recognise Vamp by Outlander but Lord alone knows from where. Probably some random cover CD that I’ve listened to too many times. Really interesting listening to the different uses of the loop!


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