I grabbed a couple of free downloads from Bandcamp when I purchased the 2016 remaster of the 1990 rave track “Labyrinthe” a while back. Known as Demonik in 1990, Peter Duggal now records under the alias Moonraider. These tracks are heavy on the breaks and thick with synths. They keep popping up on shuffle and I always have to check what’s playing, such is the quality. Lunatron is an breakbeat acid monster with a little SID(?) towards the end. Machine Code has a more electro feel, with what I assume are samples from an old science television show.

Here’s Labyrinthe, whose huge bass bleeps were sampled by Altern8.


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  1. stevenger says:

    The squelches on Lunatron were great. Interesting treatment though, went straight into it then the rest of the piece sounded like that bit in the middle of your favourite tune when it all breaks down. Definitely liked.

    Wasn’t going to ignore a track called “Machine Code”! The vocal samples were pure Stevenger-bait and the tube itself was solid enough.

    Labyrinthe is all-action chiptune stuff and I proper loved it right up until the fade-out 😦


  2. Da22 says:

    Video game music, what’s not to like. Even the little one was rocking out!


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