October Rust

It finally feels like October which is my favourite time or year, you can start to wrap up but still feel the last rays of summer on your face, the trees begin to rust, shed their leaves and the landscape is transformed in to a beautiful sea of red, oranges and yellows.

How appropriate to listen to an album I haven’t heard in a long long while. .

Type O Negative – October Rust

Not everyone’s cup of marmite but I personally love the haunted gothic fusion these guys produced. I’m never one for a bands image or what they are invested in, I just appreciate good music, so these fit the bill.

The album takes me back to my youth, hearing it for the first time in my brothers room (Retro) and it still has that special quality to it. Very dark , very gothic but with an industrial fusion sound. The lyrics are some times comical in subject but that adds to the charm I think. Chunky guitar rifts, pounding bass lines and some synth to boot.

Take a ride back to the nineties and indulge, here’s looking at you Stevenger.



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  1. stevenger says:

    Me, I’ve been humming November Rain recently, ha!

    Never got massively into “The Typos” as no-one called them. Liked a few of their songs (Wolf Moon, yes?) and I’m sure I’ve got an album of theirs kicking around somewhere though. Cheesy, tongue-in-cheek and gothic ought to be right up my alley like you suggest so I might dig it out and have a proper listen (well, YouTube/Spotify it, but same principle).

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  2. acidbearboy says:

    Not terrible but not my cup of tea – here’s the album link

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