Arrival Arrives & Ted “Theodore” Chiang

Meant to post about this when the trailers came out a while back. Definitely looks super-interesting, a cross between Torchwood: Children Of Earth and ST:TNG – Darmok, starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker. The main draw for me is the fact it’s based on a story by modern shortform sci-fi superstar Ted Chiang (’98sStory Of Your Life” in case you’re wondering).

I’ve only sampled a couple of his stories, but can recommend multi-award-winning 2001 novelette Hell Is The Absence Of God, at least to those who can stomach a) the religious angle and b) the heretical one. It’s effectively a more-quotidian Neon Genesis Evangelion episode featuring comparable ineffable angelic excessions, or perhaps merely a simple conceit taken to its logical conclusion. The PodCastle audio version of this story is how I first encountered Chiang and is definitely recommended.

A cruel angel’s thesis!


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