Well I never knew that #2

I’d always assumed from the title, that the 1995 Dance hit “Reach Up (Papa’s Got A Brand New Pig Bag)” by Perfecto Allstarz was based around a James Brown riff – well today I learnt that it was in fact a sample/cover of a ska/disco single by UK group Pigbag entitled “Papa’s Got A Brand New Pig Bag”. First released in 1981, the group later took it to number 3 on the UK chart when it was re-released in 1982. Here’s a TOTP performance from said time, along with the 90s video which I much prefer!


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  1. stevenger says:

    Oh God, I remember this! I’m having flashbacks to The Chart Show on Dance Chart week.


    1. acidbearboy says:

      Which one do you remember, old man?


      1. stevenger says:

        Ha, the dodgy Perfecto Allstars video actually. Wouldn’t be surprised if I’d seen the original at the time though. TOTP2 is caught up to 1982 now and there’s loads of forgotten tunes and dodgy ska on there.


  2. Da22 says:

    I oddly did know that, random drunk Google at some point 👍


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