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What telly have I been watching recently? Well, nothing much on Real Telly (except the F1 and Strictly obviously). Here’s a quick run-through of some stuff to start with.

Rick And Morty (NetFlix and elsewhere)

I’d heard a lot of good things about this series which bears the hand of DanCommunityHarmon on it, so with both Adventure Time and Steven Universe seemingly on hiatus I gave this a try. The show is most easily described as “Family Guy does Back To The Future“, although there’s plenty of Futurama in there as well as being Its Own Thing. Watched the first series so far and it’s explicitly adults-only unlike the other cartoons I mentioned, but the adventures of the hyper-capable though not not hyper-competent alcoholic Mad Scientist Rick and his sidekick Morty (def not Marty!) are pretty amusing. Only minor bugbear is the weird decision to do two Inception/Matrix/Holodeck/TheMatrixFromDoctorWhoWhichActuallyPre-datesTheFilmTheMatrixSinceYouAsk episodes on top of each other early on. Good stuff!


Drifters (Channel 4, 4OD)


The 3rd series snuck onto Channel 4 a few weeks back. In case you don’t know it, the show is a half-hour comedy about three twenty-something female friends some of whom are played by actresses from the first Inbetweeners film. It’s created and (sometimes co-)written by horse-faced Neil‘s horse-faced counterpart from that film, Jessica Knappett. The show can be just as crude as The Inbetweeners but feels less crass (or perhaps the other way around). The first episode of this series is one of the best so far, being a Halloween-themed one (though not a patch on Bottom‘s take natch). Series as a whole features occasional cameos from Bob Mortimer and Arabella Weir.


Haters Back Off! (NetFlix exclusive)


This programme was the original impetus for the post. Against my better judgement I binge-watched all 8 episodes over 2 days and came away with So Many Opinions. I’m utterly unfamiliar with the YouTube character Miranda Sings, whose real life this sitcom purports to show. The first couple of episodes were such a turn-off I had to leave them on/half-watch them whilst doing something else. So many viscerally unlikeable characters. The series as a whole is actually really good and funny though. I never do this but I’d actually recommend starting a few episodes in if you want to try it. The Annie Musical episode is a stand-out (but all the better for having the characters established beforehand).


Black Mirror (NetFlix, prior series may still be on 4OD?)

I’m seriously drip-feeding the new series of this, episodes of which take Charlie Brooker as a jumping-off point rather than as writer. The first two are well worth your hour’s time however, being exactly the sort of near-future soft sci-fi which dare not speak its name that the originals were.


Luke Cage (NetFlix exclusive)


I’m stalled at about 6(?) episodes in. Really enjoy Pop(s)’s character, particularly liked him calling out Luke for a lack of “ambition” regarding the use of his powers. That struck me as an interesting choice and a good way to differentiate him from e.g. Spider-Man‘s “great power, great responsibility”-schtick. My favourite moments so far are a) the flashback episode which puts Beardy Luke into his classic ’70s blouse and tiara look, and b) the scene with Cottonmouth framed against his giant picture of… wait, is that Biggie Smalls? Def need to go back and finish this off.



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  1. acidbearboy says:

    You’ve been busy. TV at our house mostly consists of uncool stuff like cbeebies, tiny pop, first dates, married at first sight and gogglebox (which is a great way to keep abreast of the TV you don’t watch!). I did see episode one of planet earth 2, which was excellent.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. stevenger says:

      I started looking for something to binge on after coming off Dark Souls 2. Best thing telly has over gaming is the fact one can stuff one’s face constantly whilst watching, ha ha!
      Seen trailers for a couple of those and like you I think I’d probably enjoy Gogglebox at the Harry Hill TV Burp level, i.e as a digest. Make sure your little un’s see Dip Dap if they haven’t already. Like Vib Ribbon meets Morph. You’re never too young/old for Dip Dap!


      1. acidbearboy says:

        Yep. There used to be a good little Dip Dap app too, don’t know if it’s still available?


  2. Da22 says:

    Rick and morty has been recommended to me too, looks good will have to make time. Like cage was good if a little to righteous for my liking. Agree blouse scene was great.


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