I Found Out What It’s All About

OK, so Christmas is upon us which means there’s a lot of slow music on public permaloop, including old jazz standards alongside the seasonal staples and glam rock classics. End result is Stevenger going back on his Fallout 3/New Vegas/Singing Detective ’30s/’40s/’50s binge. Lots of Louis Armstrong, Andrews Sisters, Inkspots (obviously!), a bit of Billie Holliday and plenty of evocative period stuff which I can’t put a 21st Century name or brand to.

My affection for the various styles of music is mostly tied in to my love of the ridiculously-immersive F3 and F:NV games that absolutely skews which songs I like and prick up my ears for. I played F3 on PC (long back when I had a graphics card worthy of the name) and The Greatest Mod Ever Made is the one which gave Three-Dog of Galaxy News Radio 100 thematically-curated songs to play instead of the default (great!) 7-ish.

One of the many excellent songs I took an ironic associative-affection to was Louis Armstrong‘s take on “Old Man Moses (sung “Old Man Mo[djzhe]pace Kevin Smith round these here parts).

While that version is highly, highly recommended, my Tim-Jay of the Jam-day is the great, fiery Louis Jordan film performance linked below which naturally takes jazzy-gospel liberties lyrically but is nonetheless a very enjoyable and compelling take on the song. Check those specs!

I ain’t gonna do that no more!


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  1. Da22 says:

    Fook me that was odd..

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