Easy As 1-2-3

Every Christmas this ABC-rhyme biscuit/sewing(?) tin containing our Nativity Set comes out from the cupboard under the stairs. The tin goes way back through a couple of families and I am but its custodian, not its owner. I thought I’d share it with you because… well, just look at it! Fair warning up front, G is for Golliwog but is less awful than it might be.


My favourite line has to be the forced one about the crossroads (“Ecks-Roads”?), why not “Xylophone” like every other ABC-rhyme? Mad! Anyhow, here’s the whole thing transcribed for your pleasure:

A is for Apple, to eat every day,

B is for Bell, which rings loud and gay,

C is for Cat, who catches a mouse,

D is for Dog, who lives in the house,

E is for Eagle, he flies in the sky,

F is for Fish, which swims gently by,

G is for Golliwog, who has a black face,

H is for Horse, which runs in a race,

I is for Insect, we catch in our nets,

J is for Jumbo, who never forgets,

K is for King, who wears a fine crown,

L is for Lamb, who skips up and down,

M is for Mill, where flour is well ground,

N is for Nest, which is made deep & round,

O is for Oak, which stands firm in a gale,

P is for Pig, with a wiggly tail,

Q is for Quill, a pen long ago,

R is for Robin, who comes with the snow,

S is for Swan, which swims on the lake,

T is for Teddy, who’s always awake,

U is for Urn, an earthenware jar,

V is for Van, which travels so far,

W is for Wren, who flits here and there,

X is for X-Roads, where we take great care,

Y is for Yew, an evergreen tree,

Z is for Zebra, with stripes plain to see.

Who is this doing this synthetic type of alpha beta psychedelic funky?


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  1. acidbearboy says:

    Strained to read the text in the pictures before scrolling down to your transcript 😦
    Nice little keepsake though. And we hate illogical alphabetic examples here too. There’s a show on cbeebies with the lyric “x is for fox at the end of its tail”.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Da22 says:

    You should stop watching squiglet!


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