Happy new year, we are still alive… Just.


Smashing in the new year has been a solitary experience the past few years, having kids and ageing friends will do that for you.

However this year a nice trip to the brother in laws and then back to mine to put the little ones to sleep. The good wife ordered in a tasty Chinese feast and I awaited eagerly for Retrolechuck. In popped the video game santa with a sack full of Sega master system goodness!

A few beers,  bottle of Disaronno and eight hours later new years eve was over and it was four in the morning! What a jolly good retro game night it was and a great way to see in the new year with some nostalgic Japanese hardware from our past.  The pic of the bunch was Double Dragon which was completed along with Put & Putter golf and World Soccer!

What did you guys get up to?

Happy new year!




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  1. acidbearboy says:

    We had Chinese food too. What’s your usual? I had chicken in black bean sauce and boiled rice, bbq spare ribs, chicken balls and chips! Didn’t have room for chicken chow mein or special fried rice this time.


  2. acidbearboy says:

    As for what I did to see in the new year – well I wasn’t joking when I said I was tagging mp3s. I got about 20 new CDs for Christmas, plus I’d bought some used ones online too. Ripped all of those and then tidied up my ‘new music’ folder ready for 2017. I now have over 60 albums recently added to my iTunes library for this month! All properly tagged with artwork etc. Building a well organised music library is slow but rewarding work.


  3. stevenger says:

    Work, bit of Pulp Fiction on the telly, narrowly avoided Robbie Williams, quick toast to the New Year and bed in time for my early start.

    On the subject of Chinese scran though, I did get dragooned into a last minute works do right before Christmas. Good Chinese restaurant, boss paid, stayed on the Becks Blue to avoid putting my foot too far in my mouth, 😀


  4. acidbearboy says:

    Nice use of the word Dragooned. Chinese restaurants always seem a bit more traditional than the takeaways. Where did you go and what did you eat?


    1. stevenger says:

      Place in Ozzy Osborne Road, though what I had I couldn’t rightly say. Wontons, ribs and what have you up front. Rather good duck pancake rolls (proper love me some duck). Ordered the hoisin beef and egg fried rice for my main but we ended up just doing the rounds of each other’s options anyhow. Many beef-ans died to bring us that meal!


  5. Da22 says:

    Kudos to the self control of becks blue sir! We had set meal b…… Which is special fried rice, chicken noodles, Hong Kong sweet and sour chicken, beer black bean sauce, ribs and prawn crackers. Usual stuff

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