Not Heard That For A While #4 and #5

Wheetus – Teenage Dirtbag

Radio 2 played this last week. It’s a great little pop song, as proven by the amount of other postmen singing along! It’s the classic female response in the bridge that really makes it for me. Plus it reminded me of my first job from around 2000, when the song was always on the radio. Happy days!

Mint Royale – Singing in the Rain

Short and sweet. Groovy little beat with a happy-go-lucky vocal hook. Apparently first released in 2005, it hit the UK number one spot in 2008.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. stevenger says:

    Surprised I hadn’t ever heard Mint Royale’s version of Singing In The Rain as it sounds like pure TV trailer/advert bait. Teenage Dirtbox I’ve heard too many times, haha!


  2. Da22 says:

    I first heard singing in the rain on the vw golf advert where Gene Kelly starts body popping.


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