More Moire

Inspired by the definition of Moire in Stevenger’s previous post, I looked into the 2001 album “Loop-finding-jazz-records” by German artist Jan Jelinek, which features a couple of tracks called Moire. I’m not fully aware of the technique used to make these compositions, but the I believe the gist of it is that he took many microsamples (under 1 second in length), applied some modulation to them within the sampler and then layered them up to create a dense yet mellow sound aesthetic. This extract from a review by Self on says it better than I could in my own words:

“With the aid of his sampler JELINEK has developed an exclusive music discovery approach, building on three central themes: jazz, the loop finding modulation wheel and Moiré. Jazz sequences from the 60s and 70s are cut up into second-long loops, shifted by the wheel of the sampler and combined into spacial arrangements with maximum depth of field, re-creating the notorious Moiré-effect, this ground-breaking painting technique of creating three dimensional space in a plane without the classic tools of perspective. When Vasarély slightly tilted a few lines in a square grid it seems to flicker three-dimensionally. Similarily, when JELINEK uses his modulation wheel to twist linear loops, sounds dance into zero gravity. It’s just a little twist for JELINEK’s index finger and a large step for the grammar of crackle poetry. Should anyone enquire after the lyrical scope of clicks and cuts and glitches, ‘loop-finding-jazz-records’ will overwhelm them like Jerichos trumpets. 

The album has been one of my favourites since I first bought it and despite noticing used CD prices starting at £33 on Discogs, I was not in the slightest bit tempted to sell my copy. Loop-finding-jazz-records is perfect as an ambient soundtrack whilst working, walking or for listening to at home as late night background music. It has not aged a bit in the 16 years since its release.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. stevenger says:

    Fascinating! Gonna give this a sneaky listen at work!


  2. Da22 says:

    I read it and re read but still confuses me. Sounds OK but not my cup of tea, very clever though.


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