Samsung gear Vr


I recently.. well November took the opportunity on a particularly good mobile phone deal and swapped my trusty LG G2 for a galaxy s7. This opened up an opportunity that I was interested to partake in, VR.  At present it’s far to niche for me (anyway) to splurge out serious bucks on however a trip to eBay peaked my fancy at a respectable £30!

SOLD! To the man in the overcoat!

Day of arrival:I ripped open the packaging and carefully opened the box to reveal a well made piece of kit. It has inbuilt controls so you don’t have to keep taking the headset off and a charging port, the padding is comfortable and the whole device is suitability light. The phone slipped in nicely with a satisfactory clunk and I was then told to undock to install and set up a Oculus account, all very standard. Once done and updated I plonked the set back on my head and adjusted the focus, bearing in mind I wear glasses this was all a non event, worked nicely.

So onto the prologue demo I went, it was all very impressive especially taking in to account this is essentially my phone strapped to some bottle tops. An origami world complete with cute t-rex sprawled out in front of my very eyes, I felt totally engrossed and part of the world, it really does trick your senses. After downloading a few more bits and pieces, the roller coaster, solar system tour and standard horror ensemble I began to feel totally convinced with VR as a concept…

It really is the future…

Taking it to work so show my colleagues resulted in two of them purchasing playstation VR the very next day. Samsung should be getting commission… Or I should?!  Family members seemed similarly taken with it and my daughter (I’m responsible, only has 2 minute sessions) was taken a back, she loved it. She is the next generation and now has a taste for it, God knows what it will be like when she shows her kids if she has any (no pressure).

I’ve since found the newest model for a similar price and this is slightly tweaked and that little bit better. I’ve also played the playstation VR and again this is that further step up. After sitting on the fence with VR I can now jump down to the ‘pro’ camp and quite confidently say, it’s ruddy awesome!

I urge you to try it and see for yourself.


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  1. stevenger says:

    Great post, gratuitous Jamiroquai out of nowhere cracked me up too 😀

    My nearest brush with proto-3D/VR tech was when that guy collared us all in our local and made us try his cardboard+phone zombie game a year or two back? Even that was mind blowing. Forget the Shark Attack or ViewMaster of yesteryear!


    1. Da22 says:

      That was more like 5 years ago dude 😨

      Liked by 1 person

      1. stevenger says:

        (old man emoji head)


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