The old Switcheroo..


So the Nintendo switch… Discuss..

Before the big reveal I had the same feeling I get when England go into a major football tournament, my heart says we can do it and my head sends me back to earth with a resounding thump!

True to form we get knocked out

So I was full of misty eyed anticipation of something marvellous and upto scratch with the Jones’, something that could compete and put my Ninty back on the map. Then we all know what happened, a tablet with gimmicky controls that says.. We give up Sony, Microsoft have your cake and eat it.

Pessimistic you may think but there’s only so many times you can get scorned with these things, cube, wii, wii u to me were all big disappointments. The cube had potential but their upper class stance on third party ruined its chances.

I then got to thinking maybe it’s me and not Nintendo, I’m hoping for a SNES revival, a second coming when in reality maybe they can’t compete with the competition on a monetary scale. A big but though, the NES classic has shown us that we don’t need an all dancing all singing console, just the correct one. It’s sold like hot cakes and its basically a beefy Raspberry Pi. I’m sure I wrote a while back that I’d be happy with a console that had the whole back catalogue for a monthly fee, the sales of the NES classic seem to back what I’d like up with other gamers thoughts too.

The things I like:

Being portable, I can see the benefits of that however the controller placement on the right looks off. I chose the xbox-one over the ps4 because of the pad,mibe the analogue stick already!

It has Nintendo games, I haven’t played much wii and even less wii u, Nintendo have a track record of good games.

On the fence:

The back catalogue, mentioned above this is my killer feature, if it had all of it for my xbox live fee a month or at least a healthy dose at my choosing I’d probably jump. However one lousy game a month thay I can’t pick no fricking way!

Power, battery life doesn’t seem great, I don’t want to turn into a Apple wall hugger however I understand the constraints of current battery technology.

Performance, as mentioned performance isn’t everything however it is when attracting third party blockbusters. Like it or not but Nintendo must understand it needs them to survive and thrive. Wii was a one hit wonder and that cash must be running low.


Waggle, give up withe gimmicky controls already! NES pad was great, SNES pad arguably the best pad of all time. You want to make great games for everyone stop pushing motion controls that promote shovelware and cost a kidney to replace!

Online, I don’t get time to play much online but from the weak information it sounds unprepared and half baked. How long has xbox live been around, they’ve had alot of time to figure this out. A mobile phone for voice chat, what the hell!

The future:

I literally know no one that has pre ordered a Switch. I’ve got friends backing it to the hilt but then I ask the important question, when’s yours coming “oh I’m not getting one yet” comes the answer . That’s Nintendo main issue, it’s kind of got to a point of Sega dreamcast (except that was a quality console), there’s no trust. My generation of NES and SNES consumers can’t be relied on, are the youth buying into Nintendo, do they have that affinity?  Troubling thoughts that only time will answer. (insert sad emoji)

What I’d do:

Like they would ask me but hey ho, here goes. They can’t upgrade the thing so play your best hand, il bang on about it all day. The back frigging catalogue in a way that the public aren’t getting ripped off. While you are at it officially make USB replica pads for all the generations in the back catalogue.

If you are going to do online just get the simple things correct, a tab for friends and their gaming activity where you can play multiplayer games by selecting them (chat over a headset) , a store tab and home tab. Three things, don’t over complicate it.

Listen to your fans from around the globe not just Japan. The back catalogue is huge you can create new games or even remasters for many a franchise that hasn’t seen the light of day, cough cough f-zero. Also revive some third part gems like:


Oh and lower the price or pack in a game at least.

*Anyone else feel the same or am I just old and out of touch?*



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  1. stevenger says:

    Rarely fussed about current or next-gen platforms these days, Hell I hardly make full use of my last-gen setup’s capabilities! Always interested in innovations but less so in gimmicks. Here’s hoping the Switch is more the former than the latter. I’m sure I’ll end up playing it round yours or someone’s eventually, even if it’s not a Day One purchase 🙂

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  2. acidbearboy says:

    I loved my NES and SNES as a kid. Kinda went off Nintendo games with the move to 3D on N64. Last Ninty console I was really into was the GBA. Having had a Wii-U for just over a year now, I can really say that it is worth having, despite only really playing 4 games on it in the last 14 months – Mario Kart 8, New SMB-U, SMB 3D World and Yoshi’s Wooly World. They all have fantastic gameplay, graphics and music. On par with the classics that preceded them. But having arrived late to the Wii-U party, it means I am not ready for Switch.

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  3. Da22 says:

    It will be interesting to give it a year and still see if I feel the same way.


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