Switch ing it up


I was browsing eBay a few weeks ago and came across Street Fighter Alpha 3 on the Gameboy Advance. On the PSX this is my all time favourite fighter! The game was Japanese and the box was beautiful!

This got me nostalgic for my GBA I sold when I was broke and needed the cash for the next console.. (darn my younger self) A quick impulse trip around eBay and I’d bought another, complete, boxed and with a game, all reasonably priced. Excitedly I told Retro of my latest purchase and he gave me his spare copy of ‘A link to the past’ which is all time second favourite Zelda.


Now I’ve actually made time to play this with my busy work/kid schedule due to it being portable and this leads me onto the new Nintendo Switch.

The new Zelda got perfect scores, would I have more time to play it as it’s now portable? It’s an interesting question and I think the answer is yes however it also leads me back to a gripe from my earlier post. It’s too expensive to justify for one game. I am slowly coming around to the Switches positives after my initial frustrations with Nintendo and can see maybe one day il get one. This is big news as the Wii U never evoked those sentiments but this maybe because I’ve been drinking in the Zelda portables of late. So maybe Nintendo will get my money later down the line, it’s a small chink of light for success, hopefully others feel the same way. In the meantime I’m happy replaying the GBA, great little console and I have a few titles to work through:



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  1. stevenger says:

    What’s that cheeky sponge-looking Mario all about? (You must have KNOWN I’d ask!)


  2. Da22 says:

    Got it free with my classic nes, will be going I’m the man cave 👍

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