Just One Fix Sells … But Who’s Buying?

Musical double-header post. Been listening to a bit of Psalm 69-era Ministry and I was commenting to Retrolechuck about how the video edit of “Just One Fix” had some different vocal samples (plus an always-appreciated bit of gratuitous William S Burroughs to boot).

That reminded me that I never got round to posting the MegadethPeace Sells…” video. This one’s fairly straight, except for the untouchably-cheesy spoken/acted-out moment when the father wants to watch the news…

“This is the news, *****!” declares the son (the “Daaad!” is silent).

Never trust a junkie


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  1. Da22 says:

    Megadeth so epic! The interlude reminds me of the intro on Michael Jacksons black and white 😂

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