FFVII – Opening Bombing Mission music

The interaction between computer gaming and honest-to-goodness actual musicians is a ever a fascinating one. I started by YouTubing up some filthy FFVIII Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec, because if VGR suffers an absent friend or three it’s in no way attributable to their damn fine taste.

The inevitable subsequent stroll through Black Mages’ (and other) versions of the glorious, triumphant One Winged Angel (a.k.a.”Angel with Wings on One Side” Fact Fans!) by way of J.E.N.O.V.A. (because obviously), eventually landed me on this piece.

I’m no musical expert (surprised, bro?) but this seriously works for me (props to everyone involved in the Tour de Japon). Partly it’s the piece chosen (who who’s played it can’t literally visualise the intro, just from the music?).

The Black Mages‘s stuff is great; I don’t do subtlety – stick a big guitar, drum, synth or cheesy sample on something and I’m there.This is a really rewardingly-performed version though, and letting their other FFVII takes carry on playing as I compose this post only confirms my good opinions!

It’s really strange from my (early ’80s UK) perspective that we’ve come almost full-circle culturally. Think back to games like Manic Miner, Jet Set Willy and similar. Badly BEEP-ed renditions of out-of-copyright popular classical pieces were a staple of early computer gaming. Now we have entire auditoriums of talented musicians performing computer-game music pieces which, no matter how reworked or re-arranged, must not challenge them in quite the way that, er, Beethoven, Berlioz or Mussorgsky must? Can’t say I’m not grateful for their forbearance though (this gratitude goes double in Japan where I’m given to understand that the Dragon Quest series is their Final Fantasy anyway!)

Her banner over me was lifeforce


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  1. acidbearboy says:

    I’m no expert either but I don’t think ‘all’ classical music is challenging to play (as a trained professional at least). Likewise, I don’t think ‘all’ videogame soundtracks are musically simple. What I do think these sort of orchestral performances highlight is the strength of the original compositions – this piece sounds EXACTLY how the Playstation version did but with HQ samples i.e. a live orchestra.

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  2. acidbearboy says:

    You didn’t say it, you perhaps didn’t imply it, even. But this guy would like to help show the complexities of videogame composition.


    1. stevenger says:

      Cheers for the links, I’ll check them out after work!


  3. acidbearboy says:

    I also understand that the FFVII Piano Collection is a total bitch to play unless you have mad skills on the old ivories.


  4. Da22 says:

    All I have to chime in with is this.. Best game ever, best musical score for a game that takes me back to every scene in an instant.


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