Rip Chris Cornell


Sad news again for me as another great passes on. On a positive spin it gives me great pleasure and a perfect chance to revisit his work. A gifted writer and singer his musical presence will live on. Get that first Audioslave album on and crank those speakers up, music at its best! Rip


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  1. stevenger says:

    I first heard his voice on … I want to say the Radio One Rock Show which used to do John Peel style session recordings. Soundgarden did a Hendrix cover (“Can You See Me?”), a Fear classic which G’n’R would go one to cover less well (“I Don’t Care About You”) and a couple of others. The Jesus Christ Pose video popped up on Noisy Mothers on ITV if you stayed up until 4am.

    A four octave range I saw mentioned in some obits.Think Freddie had five, which is equally mad. It’s stupid or maybe obvious, but most of rock/metal qua rock/metal is about the guitars and the drums and the GRAAAR! If you’re tone-deaf like me, you don’t even realise you’re hearing something special vocally. I didn’t back then.

    In any regard, he was a good bloke by all accounts, plus both his songwriting and singing have given me innumerable hours of enjoyment over the course of my life and his.

    Sorry to see you go so soon, Mr Cornell. What a crying shame.

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    1. Da22 says:

      Interesting about the octaves, was always aware of Freddies hence why he is still the master front man. Explaines his unique sound, alot of depth there.


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