Seventeen [The Droyds remix] – Ladytron [FanVid]

Characteristically squeezing a lot of metadata into that there title sorry, something you’ll recognise if you’re a victim/veteran of my mixtapes and accompanying annotations down the years.

Should caution straight away that the above gorgeous-in-compostion-and-editing fan vid is wholly constructed from (read: spoils) Refn‘s The Neon Demon. Not actually seen that one yet myself, but being a man who can appreciate subtlety yet revels in broad strokes I can fully dig said film as excellently abbreviated. Why, he’s like the Zack Snyder you can admit to liking at cocktail parties. Meow!

Skipping to the music, it’s a excellent beat-y b-side remix of Ladytron‘s Seventeen single from 2002 by The Droyds. Hadn’t consciously heard it before. Makes me wanna dance!

you’re only know, only seventeen, When let let they’ll Polaroid let no you’re come fun. They when let fun.


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