Sex & Drugs & Rock’n’Roll (2010)

Well, I probably should be writing up a deep and boff-tastic take on the final episode of our Lord and Master (ahem!) Doctor The Who. Don’t tempt me! Instead, I’m going to do a quick piece on the excellent film Sex & Drugs & Rock’n’Roll which was shown last night on BBC2.

It’s been on my list of shame for a while, despite having bought it on DVD for a close relative back in the day. Skip to the end – Andy Serkis is excellent as Ian Dury. He’s a very physical actor and really captures the part. The film is directed by Christopher Ross, I mention this because the astonishingly good cast would scream off-the-peg Lottery-funded rom-com in most hands, yet here we get a warts and all biopic, imaginatively directed and edited.

Keeping it short, but if you have any interest in that muddy Late Punk/New Wave era of music or seeing Andy Serkis capital-A Acting or disability presented as almost matter-of-fact rather than a tragedy-of-life then I highly recommend.

I knew four Ian Dury songs before watching the film (the titular “S&D&R’n’R”, “…Rhythm Stick”, “Reasons To Be Cheerful…” and “What A Waste”). After it finished I knew five of his songs. It’s really not about the music, despite being about the musician.

The Ian Dury starring and flat-out fascinating Spectrum/C=64 cyberpunk proto art-game Deus Ex Machina has been on my To-Review list since we started this blog. I swear I will get around to it, although I guarantee I’ll never do it justice.



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