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I went to Canterbury earlier this year with me dear old Mum, which included a visit to the city’s marvellous cathedral which unfortunately was full of workmen and scaffolding at the time. On top of the irregular proto-industrial metal-on-metal clanging, we’d apparently also chosen to visit during the time when the organ was being tuned up.

Here’s a download link, apologies for not sticking it up on YouTube.

Most people would fall somewhere on the underwhelmed-aghast scale, but I was proper chuffed to hear some serious noise in that context. The above linked file is an mp3 of part of our visit, sadly the ongoing Krupps-ian metal-banging didn’t come through too well whilst the pocket noises and chatter did, but I think the whole is an interesting listen as almost found music. In any regard it’s a much shorter and easier piece than Lou Reed‘s Metal Machine Music.

Endless Sunday, what’s that sound?



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  1. acidbearboy says:

    I’ve been here. Charlotte went to Canterbury uni and I was at the graduation ceremony.

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  2. Da22 says:

    Nice beer in Canterbury

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