Games with gold co-op bliss


Now I owned Kane & Lynch first time of asking on the 360 and it didnt impress me much, this was a time when I lived in a different town from my friends and the weekly get together consisted of beer, music and insert football/fighting game. There was no opportunity for couch co-op so my impressions of the game were not favourable, clunky controls, erratic cameras made for a poor experience.

Fast forward to July 2017, Kane & Lynch 2 becomes available for free on xbox live. (unbelievably good deal that gold,  it has me accumulating more games than I have time to play!)

Thursday night I watch Benny on the xbox channel who seems quite excited about it which in turn peeks my interest (thumbs up for turning off the shaky camera mode)

Friday night a visit to my brothers house is on the cards. Gathering my beer and controller I swiftly make my way to the retrolechuck man cave.

“Let’s play ghostbusters”  he says, “It’s co-op and basically the script for the cancelled third film”. After a promising intro and the usual Ramis, Akroyd whit we soon realise it’s online only co-op 😢

Sulking I remember about Kane & Lynch 2, I convince retro to play, change the shaky camera options (can’t stress this enough) and we are off!

The game:

Gears of War meets Diehard and has a baby, Diehard finds out Gears of War had an affair with Black Rain! This game is that baby!

Generic adult gangster themes with quick cut scenes and an passable script keeps the pacing just right.

The graphics hold up, 360 had some good if ‘brown’ looking games and this is no different.

Variety is limited but you get to shoot stuff from a helicopter, throw propane tanks and have a healthy array of guns to choose from. You can only hold two at one time though so it adds a nice challenge especially when ammo is sparse. Personal favourites where the automatic shotgun you get later in the game and the Rambo style machine gun.

The gem of the piece though is split screen co-op, it’s so much fun once you re train yourself to look at your half of the screen. In a possible programming error hit detection is a bit off so working together to flank and ultimately conquer is essential and rewarding. There’s a couple of split out chapters where you are on your own but can still help your buddy from another area but thankfully these are few and far between. I miss couch co-op, I’ve mentioned it in VGR before that online play is missing that human interaction, this game although a average single player title excels because of its local multiplayer campaign. It enforces my belief that the more online and social network addicted we get the actual lonelier we are. Gone off on a tangent but my point is local campaign multiplayer can elevate a games longevity and enjoyment.

We finished the game in one sitting, about 5 hours which was just about right and had a blast all the way through, there were no real bad points, a couple of ‘pinches’ but with patience and teamwork we mowed them all to hell! I couldn’t recommend play this with you sibling or friends enough. Get the beer’s in and the snacks amd buckle yourself in for some good old fashioned fun!


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  1. stevenger says:

    I’m only even aware of the K&L franchise due to the weird shizzle about IGN or someone having to give them a good review for fear of losing their hard sell front page whitespace-replacing advertising.

    Sounds really interesting though, esp. the short 5 hour run at it. Post-Portal 1 there was a lot of talk about shorter games and older gamers’ time constraints. Never really came to anything for mainstream releases I don’t think, although there are any number of quality plotty short indie games (play Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons dude, please play Brothers:ATOTS).

    The lack of local multiplayer on that GB game is rubbish! No surprises that I agree with you on the value of side-by-side competition. Having let my Gold lapse, I’ll keep an eye out for a cheap K&L2 sold on secondhand by ppl who don’t believe in disc-based gaming, although I’m more likely to run at it single-player.

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