What Is Best In Life #23: Prime Computer Ads

OK, so everyone knows who the best Doctor is, it’s David Te… no? The curly haired one from the Seventies? You mean Jon Per… oh, not him either?

Everyone (except wrong’uns) loves them a bit of Tom Baker aka Four. You may well have seen these ads before if you’re remotely interested, I’d certainly seen a couple waaay back in the early 2000s. In squinty RealMedia format, no less. Somehow that feels older/wronger than the Eighties tech on show below. Like Betamax, the road not taken (thank Gawd!)

For those not in the know, Tom Baker did in fact marry his Time Lady* companion here Lalla Ward/Romana II IRL although they later divorced.

*Fun Fact: almost all Time Lords are Time Ladies eventually, or vice versa

OK Prime, how long’s my scarf?


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  1. Mr. Wapojif says:

    Hey, it’s better than those modern video game ads which don’t even show in-game footage, they just use cutscene sequences. Why did that become such a trend?

    Do some gamers really get suckered into that? “Wow! This game looks amazing” – buys the game – “Hey! This experience isn’t as grandiose as previously indicated!”.

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    1. stevenger says:

      Ha, yeah. I suppose it’s the modern marketing equivalent of the gorgeous and/or cartoony box art of old for some unremarkable little 8-bit shoot’em-up or whatever. That always snared me good.


  2. Da22 says:

    Great adverts, not sure big businesses would need TV to show them the way seems quite specialist.
    I’m sure beet amazed was better quality than VHS just like hd-dvd than bluray. Who ever has the porn wins.. I’m guessing Prime didn’t.. Autobots roll out!

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